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Finished: Needlepunch Embroidery Knight

Needlepunch embroidery knight


This was another super-fast embroidery project using the needlepunch. I can say that buying a new hoop, a plastic one with an inside lip around it, has made all the difference. The cloth stays in place, and as a result, I cruised with this little knight. The border is a Greek meander pattern. I found ideas online and in books and then drew them on the back of the cloth.

Needlepunch embroidery knight


I need to investigate different ways of finishing these up.

Band Weaving

A great project for summer is inkle or band weaving using cotton. Here, I made a belt and a band for my new Tilley TH9. I used my inkle loom for the belt, but I prefer using a rigid heddle when doing pickup to be able to better see which strands to pick or drop. For a frame I used a Spears #4 loom and a little heddle I’ve had for years. Worked like a charm. 


Finished (Finally!): Tapestry Weaving

It only took me about ten months to finish this 4″x6″ weaving. Honestly, the Lightning Weaver is an awesome loom and I’ve used it for several small tapestries, but quite awhile ago, I wished I hadn’t started this type of a project on it. I used embroidery thread and needles to weave it. At 12 epi, it was pretty fine. My goal when I began was to work in more curves and colors. You can tell I jumped into “finish” mode where the lines start traveling from selvedge to selvedge. I went back to shapes near the end.

The Lightning Weaver has little hooks on either end, which makes it impossible to weave up until the edge. So, I’m left with some white threads poking out, but that’s okay. Throughout the weaving, I overlapped where I started and stopped threads. This keeps the back very tidy. Any loose threads can be safely trimmed away.

Tapestry Experiment

Tapestry Experiment


Tapestry Experiment

Finished: Snappy Plaid, Grey and Pink

This cozy little scarf was completed yesterday. It’s another rectangle loom scarf using my Hideaway Homestead loom on the 10″ x 48″ setting. I’ve found they “shrink” in width about 2″ or more, but the length stays about the same. The yarn was Yarn Bee First Love, which is 100% polyester. It holds its shape very nicely off the loom:


Finished: Snappy Plaid Scarf “Carrot Cake”

The yarn was a challenge (Schachenmayr Original Boston Sun (Earth Mix)). I’m making a note because I chose, on purpose, a yarn I wouldn’t have chosen. I wanted to see what the colors would look like on the loom. Believe me, the orange is a blaze hunting orange, but it looks far softer in the photo. The bigger issue was that the yarn itself was snaggy. It split and frayed and pretty much made the project difficult to complete. I think it’s better for knitting.

Snappy Plaid Scarf: Carrot Cake