Casein Sketches: Bob Ross

Still trying to figure out how casein works, I decided to plunge in and paint a few Bob Ross landscapes. I’m trying to figure out how to achieve some realistic landscapes, and right now, they are blocky with few soft edges. I’m using the James Gurney six-pack of Richeson casein: titanium white, ivory black, Venetian red, yellow ochre, cobalt blue, and raw umber. Trying to mix green has been a struggle. Cobalt blue is cheerful and bright, and yellow ochre is brownish and dull. There are numerous shades of green in there, especially when adding in white and raw umber, but it’s challenging.

Also, I purchased some synthetic brushes (Simply Simmons) to use only with casein as I’ve read it can be super hard on brushes. You can see how I’m attempting to use a fan brush, something new for me–yikes! Something I’m really pleased with is the old-fashioned, matte look casein has when it dries. It’s so unique.

Watercolor 7, Sketchbook Pages 1-2

Here’s a quick watercolor, another exercise from Zoltan Szabo:

It doesn’t take long to have a stack of watercolor sketches with nowhere to store them, and so I bought a pad of paper (9″x12″) that I started using as a journal of sorts to keep everything more organized. Here’s page one:

And page two. I love the Bob Ross painting called Blue Winter. I had attempted a digital version, and now here’s a try with watercolor. Maybe someday I’ll try oils: