I’ve been weaving primarily on rigid heddle, table, and triangle looms for about six years. My motto is if a loom can fold, collapse, be broken down and stored in pieces, I’m probably interested in it and may already own it.

In my teeny weaving space, I’ve managed to fit three rigid heddle looms, two table looms, two triangle looms, one rectangle loom, and two tapestry looms. Let’s not even count the yarn, Weave-Its, Wonder Weaves, etc., okay?

I’m pretty sure there’s room for more.

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Love your videos on YouTube !

    Where can I purchase the little blue tool you use on the weaving a rug on a potholder loom.?

    Looking forward to your response.

  2. I love your page! SO much information and other than your advanced skill (compared to mine) in weaving – we have many of the same loom addictions! haha…
    I would love it if your page had a place I could sign up for email updates of an RSS feed on my Yahoo page. But I couldn’t get the RSS feed link to work – and no other connection??

  3. I am impressed by your embroidery weaving. I was looking at the Schacht loom or the Glimarka
    because they fold for easy moving. Do you think the Glimarka has better tension? I also want
    to use the loom on a table or on my lap.

    1. Thanks! Both of my Glimakra looms (Emilia and Freja) have great tension. I haven’t used a Schacht loom, so I can’t compare. Good luck loom hunting!

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