I weave primarily on rigid heddle, table, and triangle looms. My motto is if a loom can fold, collapse, be broken down and stored in pieces, I’m probably interested in it and may already own it. I love to paint, too, primarily with watercolor and pastel, and lately I’ve become enamored with bunka, a style of Japanese embroidery that melds fiber and art, resulting in a rich, shimmery thread painting.

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Love your videos on YouTube !

    Where can I purchase the little blue tool you use on the weaving a rug on a potholder loom.?

    Looking forward to your response.

  2. I love your page! SO much information and other than your advanced skill (compared to mine) in weaving – we have many of the same loom addictions! haha…
    I would love it if your page had a place I could sign up for email updates of an RSS feed on my Yahoo page. But I couldn’t get the RSS feed link to work – and no other connection??

  3. I am impressed by your embroidery weaving. I was looking at the Schacht loom or the Glimarka
    because they fold for easy moving. Do you think the Glimarka has better tension? I also want
    to use the loom on a table or on my lap.

    1. Thanks! Both of my Glimakra looms (Emilia and Freja) have great tension. I haven’t used a Schacht loom, so I can’t compare. Good luck loom hunting!

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