Finished (Finally!): Tapestry Weaving

It only took me about ten months to finish this 4″x6″ weaving. Honestly, the Lightning Weaver is an awesome loom and I’ve used it for several small tapestries, but quite awhile ago, I wished I hadn’t started this type of a project on it. I used embroidery thread and needles to weave it. At 12 … Continue reading Finished (Finally!): Tapestry Weaving

New Little Weaving

Orange is probably my favorite color. I don’t wear it, but I like it, especially when it’s bright and cheerful and nearly hurts your eyes. Here I’m playing around with embroidery floss on the vintage Lightning Weaver. (I drew a pattern on the warp threads with a Sharpie.) This experiment started because I want to … Continue reading New Little Weaving

Mini Tapestry, Again

The Lightning Weaver, yet again, stood in as a tapestry loom as I tried to weave the second sampler from Nancy Harvey’s book, yet again. Because the set is 12 dpi, I need to find the perfect weft size/type to make this loom actually work well. So far, I’ve chosen knitting yarns and embroidery floss … Continue reading Mini Tapestry, Again

Mini Tapestry

This time I used the Lightning Weaver with an crochet thread for a warp. I hemstitched the ends, and now that I’m done I realize I could have moved each end closer to the hooks to give more weaving room. The weft is embroidery floss, probably too thin, but that’s okay. It’s bright and lively. … Continue reading Mini Tapestry

Mini Tapestry Samplers

Some experiments work out, and I post them here. Others are pretty cringeworthy, and photos are never shared. Here’s a case where I could have skipped this post, but something is telling me to share. Why? I’m suddenly crazy about tapestry weaving, and even my amateur attempts make me happy. I checked out Nancy Harvey’s … Continue reading Mini Tapestry Samplers