Weave-It Scarf

I brought a little Weave-It 4″ loom to work and during my lunch hours, wove up a stack of squares. Then, I spent a few hours stitching them together and crocheting a border. I thought it was cute, but truly didn’t care for it until it had been washed, dried, and steamed with an iron. Then, I suddenly thought, “That’s a scarf!”

So you want some pictures?


Okay, here are a few pictures of my second super, amazing loom find. As it turns out, I wasn't dreaming–it was all real! Pictured below are the Lily Speed-O-Weave loom, which I'll post about later (it's not very speedy, IMO). Also there are my two "new" Weave-Its: a 4" and a 2". My favorite loom is there, the 5" Weave-It Rug Loom, which I'll also post about later (and you can meet Pillow Man). Finally, there were two small metal flower looms stuck in the rug loom box, and although it appears they can connect somehow, I can't quite figure them out, so if you have thoughts, please send them my way.

Missing from the photos is the second Crazy Daisy Winder, which went onto a good home with a young, crafting niece.

Another Super Amazing Loom Find?

Can it be true? Did I really walk into a local antique store last week and less than 20 minutes later, leave with all these looms??? Most in the original boxes with the original instructions and needles and everything? Did it really happen?

  • 5" Weave-It Rug Loom
  • 4" Weave-it Loom
  • 2" Weave-it Loom
  • Lily Speed-O-Weave Loom

And then did I really wander into a second antique store and leave with a Crazy Daisy Winder?

And did I really spend just under $20 for the entire find? Really? Me?!

Or, did I dream it all?

Stay tuned to find out!

Weave-it Squares

I bought this hand-dyed wool blend this weekend, and at first I wasn't certain I was wise to spend that $25. (Yes, $25!). The colors, although lovely, seemed to cry out "baby blanket." However, now that I see it on the Weave-it, I sorta like it. It could even turn it into something other than a baby blanket, especially since I don't know anyone with a baby, and I don't have a long enough attention span to make a blanket. The nice thing about Weave-it squares is that you can keep on weaving them and then decide what you're going to make after you have a nice pile.

These are my first two squares made with my pre-patented Weave-it with the goofy numbering. After I read Jana's instructions, I was able to correctly wind the yarn and weave the 4th row. Thanks, Jana!

Weave-It Loom?

EDITED (4/29): Thank you to Jana who identified this as the earliest of Weave-it looms. The numbers are "wrong," and it had yet to be patented. Thanks, too, to those at Ravelry who gave me instructions on how to use this loom to make a perfect Weave-It square.

ORIGINAL POST: I'm trying to identify one of my 4" looms that I found at a thrift store. I assume it's a Weave-it loom, but the markings on the corners don't match other Weave-its I've seen. It's wooden with dove-tailed corners, and it has a #1 and #2 marked on it, kitty-corner to each other. There is also a red "W" with an arrow and another faint red arrow. On the back it says "Patent Applied For. Made in USA." Any ideas?


The super, amazing 4″ loom story


I don't know what else to call this post… I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! It's super! Amazing!

Last fall, when I found the Wonder Weave in a nearby thrift store, I decided that's it–I probably found my quota of good bargains and I'd never get an actual Weave-it loom. So I bought a Hazel Rose loom, and it's really nice, but you know how it goes, each time I enter an antique store or thrift store, I scan the aisles for those little square frames. Matter of fact, when I'm back in the store where I spotted the Wonder Weave, I hesitate in that very aisle, looking around, just hoping maybe…

And then it happened! Yesterday, in the same store (different aisle), I found this box marked $16.95. "Weaver Set," it said. "1933 – 1945. Books, and etc.":

I grabbed it so fast I think I scared the lady next to me. But I didn't care. I had a treasure, and true to human nature I paused to study each shelf around me. Greed set it. Maybe there was more! Nope, but no matter, I had found a true bargain, a real find. Once, in my initial Weave-it frenzy, I nearly bid $40 on one Weave-it loom on ebay! And here I was, holding not one loom but two.. and whole bunch of stuff besides.

So, what's in this special Weaver box? I'll detail it all in later posts, but for now here's a peek:

  • 4" Weave-it Loom
  • 4" Simplex Loom
  • Two needles
  • 11 Pattern booklets (for Weave-it, Simplex, and Loomette)
  • 15 finished squares
  • 9 Sample cards with 2 squares apiece, each square featuring a different pattern

I love discovering crafting supplies from days gone by. I like thinking that we share a common fascination with all things loomy with crafters from seventy years ago. Plus, finding this also shows that they're still out there–bargains in dusty aisles of thrift stores, just waiting for you to find them, call them special, and bring them home.

Coming soon:
a closer look at the looms, the booklets, and the samples.