Jumbo Potholder Loom

Potholder Loom 10"
I bought a 10″ potholder loom kit and some additional loopers. The loops are cotton and appear to be remnants from socks. The loom is simple but sturdy. It’s all from Homestead Weaver, and I love it.

Potholder Loom 10"

I’ll have a giant stack of potholders when all is said and done, or perhaps I’ll stitch them together and make a rug.

Potholder Loom 10"

Either way, I’m having so much fun weaving.

Running Horse Rug

Punch needle horse (front)

I started this large (for me) rug of a running horse over the weekend, and it’s moving along very quickly (ha!). The horse design is a tracing of a metal decoration we keep hanging on a wall in the house. This measures 20″ x 20″, and I’ll eventually get around to posting a picture of my homemade frame made of canvas stretcher bars and carpet tacking strips. The backing material is linen, very smooth and easy to punch. The yarn is wool.

And because it’s interesting to view the back, here you go:

Needle punch horse (back)

Finished: Needlepunch Embroidery Knight

Needlepunch embroidery knight


This was another super-fast embroidery project using the needlepunch. I can say that buying a new hoop, a plastic one with an inside lip around it, has made all the difference. The cloth stays in place, and as a result, I cruised with this little knight. The border is a Greek meander pattern. I found ideas online and in books and then drew them on the back of the cloth.

Needlepunch embroidery knight


I need to investigate different ways of finishing these up.